The Borough of Cresskill Fire Department is a team of professionals that serve with excellence, dedication, and pride. The members of the Cresskill Fire Department are committed to saving lives, protecting property, and improving the quality of life for our residents and visitors, by providing rapid and reliable services in all emergency and non emergency activities. Our Values We expect our work to make a difference in the quality of life in our city. To this end, we try to discover what is most important to do and focus our resources for the greatest, most enduring benefit.

  • Enhance the quality of life through prevention and education
  • Deliver responsive and caring emergency services
  • Mitigate emergencies and disaster
  • Prevent the loss of life and protect property
  • Enforce applicable codes and ordinances

Fire Suppression The threat of fire and its devastating effects on life and property are of major importance and priority for the Cresskill Fire Department. To address those concerns and to provide rapid, safe, and effective firefighting efforts. Cresskill firefighters respond in a rapid and safe manner with occupant safety and rescue of endangered citizens as our most important mission priority. Public Education The Cresskill Fire Department has been a leader in providing outstanding public fire safety education at all schools as well as to community groups. Using a variety of teaching methods, firefighters teach fire safety, fire prevention, fire extinguisher procedures and conduct fire drills Our goal is to make our community a safe place in which to live and play. Educating our citizens on things they can do to make their homes and surroundings safe and teaching them what they should do in case of an emergency are very effective ways to achieve this goal.