Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Tips & Regulations

  • Working smoke alarms double your chances of surviving a house fire
  • Most fatal fires occur when occupants are asleep
  • New Jersey Fire Code requires that every home has a working smoke alarm installed on each level.
  • Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years
  • Smoke alarms should be tested monthly, following the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Do not install alarms in kitchens, garages, unfinished attics or directly outside bathrooms.

Where Smoke Alarms should be installed

  • At least ONE working smoke alarm on EACH LEVEL of the home
  • Recommended ONE working smoke alarm in EVERY BEDROOM or anywhere a person sleeps
  • All smoke alarms should be UL-217 approved, the “UL Listed” rating clearly on the alarm and boxWhere to Mount your Smoke Alarms
  • Mount alarm on the ceiling or high on a wall
  • DON’T MOUNT within four (4″) inches of the corner of the ceiling.
  • DON’T INSTALL near vents, ceiling fans, windows or doors, as these can create drafts that may keep the alarm from working properly.
  • Installation is NOT RECOMMENDED in the kitchen, garage, attic, near a bathroom, or other unheated spaces as cooking, exhaust fumes, temperature differences and steam can cause false alarms.