Cresskill receiving steel from World Trade Center for 9/11 memorial

NOVEMBER 17, 2015, 5:43 PM    LAST UPDATED: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2015, 5:43 PM

CRESSKILL — The borough will receive one of the last remnants of metal salvaged from the World Trade Center for the construction of a 9/11 monument.

“We’re gratified that after waiting for almost ten years we’re finally getting it,” said Mayor Benedict Romeo. “We’re looking forward to putting together a monument to our two fallen heroes as well as the other people who lost their lives on 9/11.”

Borough police will go with a flatbed truck Wednesday to pick up the remnant from the airplane hangar at JFK International Airport that houses steel from the destroyed Twin Towers.

Police and fire personnel are expected to accompany the relic through town, and it will be displayed at Veterans Square around noon, or later, depending on how long it takes the flatbed truck to get through traffic and arrive.

Officials were told to expect a 14-foot-long, 7,400-pound steel beam that was from the parking complex under the trade center, which was also the site of a 1993 bombing detonated inside a rental van.

The beam will be incorporated into a monument that will be erected at Cook Park on Madison Avenue to honor the 9/11 victims, including Cresskill residents and Port Authority Police officers Sgt. John Coughlin, 43, who died while attempting to rescue victims in the south tower, and John Cortazzo, 48, a first responder who died as a result of an illness sustained during recovery efforts.

Students from the middle school and high schools are being enlisted to help design the memorial, along with architects and an engineer. Local officials said they hope the memorial will be completed in time for the town’s 9/11 ceremony in 2016.

Some 14 years after terrorists flew hijacked planes into the twin towers, destroying the buildings and killing nearly 3,000 people, the fire-damaged remnants remain in demand. The JFK hangar, which was once packed with the charred pieces of metal, is now almost empty. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the metal, has dispatched remnants to about 2000 entities worldwide, including cities in all 50 states and several foreign countries, said PA spokesman Steve Coleman.

“We are processing the last few requests,” he said, adding that there are only about 32 pieces left. The Port Authority does not charge for the steel, but communities must fund the cost of hauling the chunks of metal, which vary in size and weight.

Cresskill is among the last communities in New Jersey to receive one of the coveted pieces. Glen Rock, Tenafly, Closter, Bergenfield, Dumont and Garfield are among many North Jersey communities that have acquired steel from the World Trade center, which they use as memorials.

Mike Dressler, surrogate judge in Bergen County and Cresskill’s former mayor credited as the impetus behind the venture, said he was moved to action by the county families he encountered after 9/11. In his capacity as a surrogate judge, he reviews and probates wills in Bergen County and appoints executors and guardians of minors. As a result, he saw the impact of 9/11 in many tragic ways — “Every day we thought we heard the worst story, but the next day we realized that we hadn’t,” he said.

He’s known both of Cresskill’s 9/11 victims and their families for years and wanted to make sure Cresskill honored their memories in the best way.

“In doing this, we set out to build a monument to honor of all the victims of 9/11 but in particular, in memory of our two native sons,” he said.

“These kids are true heroes to us. They gave everything they had.”


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WTC Steel


The Borough of Cresskill will be receiving a 14 foot piece of steel tomorrow from the World Trade Center.

This piece of steel has witnessed both terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center. This Beam will be escorted into Cresskill between 11-1 tomorrow by Fire and Police.

Residents will be able to view this piece of steel tomorrow at Veterans Square.

Please watch for updates on our page regarding the escort.

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Winter Freeze Tips



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Food Drive


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Halloween Safety Tips


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Turkey Fryer Safety

This public service announcement (PSA) on turkey fryer safety is part of the IAFF’s holiday safety campaign.

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Cresskill Fire Department handing out ‘File of Life’ med-info readiness packets

CRESSKILL — The Fire Department wants to give people with health conditions the option to provide first responders quick access to their vital medical information in case of crisis.

The department is distributing “File of Life” folders in which residents can enter their names, medications, allergies, emergency contacts and other important information.

The File of Life is a bright red plastic sleeve the size of a large postcard that sticks to the refrigerator with a magnet. Inside the sleeve is the medical form on which the residents can write their information. A sticker which residents place on their front doors alerts the first responders to check the refrigerator for the medical information.

The form will allow first responders to know key factors they’re facing in an emergency, said Fire Chief Chris Ulshoefer.

“The EMS responds to over two dozen calls a year where the patient is unconscious and family members who would be able to inform us of what happened or of any past medical history are not present,” he said. “There are times when the only other way to determine what’s wrong with an unconscious patient is from the results of tests that are performed by paramedics or at the hospital.”

The concept was born in Bridgeport, Conn., several years ago in a slightly different form as the Vial of Life, which was to be kept inside the refrigerator. But the vial, with a paper containing medical information inside, would get lost or become unreadable because of the moisture in the refrigerator, said Ulshoefer.

He recommends filling out the form in pencil or updating it periodically in case prescriptions change frequently.

The File of Life packets are free and can be picked up at the Fire Headquarters, EMS Headquarters, Borough Hall and other locations around town.

AUGUST 6, 2014, 7:09 PM    LAST UPDATED: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6, 2014, 7:09 PM

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Cresskill’s reorganized EMS crew gets off to running start

CRESSKILL – The newly formed Cresskill Fire Department EMS has started working in the borough.

This comes after the council voted unanimously last week to bring the Cresskill Ambulance Corps under the authority of the fire department.

“This will be more cost-efficient and to more efficiently take care of the citizens of Cresskill,” said Mayor Ben Romeo. “Things are going to work out great.”

The change will enable the department to apply for and secure more grants to help pay for salaries and fund the budget, said Fire Chief Chris Ulshoefer, who will oversee the department, as well as the borough’s Office of Emergency Management.

Firefighters will be trained as EMTs, so that all emergency personnel will be able to provide the best service possible to all residents, he said.

Borough officials said that Cresskill is following a trend as other cities across the nation have already put EMS under the authority of the fire department.

Cresskill’s EMS has 26 members, while the fire department has 32. The borough had 1,000 ambulance calls and 600 fire calls last year, according to officials.

“So far, everything is running smoothly. We’re updating our operating manual for the future,” Ulshoefer said. “We had a few emergency calls already [since last week’s vote]. It all went fine.”


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Cresskill Emergency Management: Storm Alert

Through the coordination of the Cresskill Office of Emergency Management Borough departments have initiated storm planning. Based on information received as of Monday January 20th, the local emergency planning group would like to relay the following:
1. Storm snow totals are estimated to be between 8-12 inches for our area.
2. High winds will affect visibility with whiteout conditions possible.
3. The storm will be around 18 hours long.
4. The heaviest snowfall of 1” to 2” per hour will occur late this afternoon into tonight.
5. Snow will lessen early Wednesday morning
6. Severe wind chills and extreme low temperatures will follow the storm.
7. As of this time no regional shelters are scheduled to be open. This may change Wednesday morning.
8. Personnel assigned to staff the local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) have been placed on standby for possible deployment.
9. All Borough Departments have adequate resources staged and have completed their storm preparations.
10. The Borough would like to remind everyone, Borough Hall is designated as a warming shelter if necessary. Information regarding the use of this facility can be directed to the Cresskill Police Department at 201-568-1400.
Storm Safety Tips And Advisories:
• Driving conditions throughout the night will be extremely hazardous. The Cresskill Police requests residents to remain off the roads during this high hazard period.
 Cars parked in owners driveway partially into the street will be ticketed for impeding plowing operations.
• Do not start or use generators inside any structure.
• If temporary space heater use is needed use only electric type heaters and make sure a 3’ area around the unit is kept clear of combustibles. Turn the units off when leaving the room.
• If heating your home with your fireplace please take precautions to ensure this is done safely and responsibly.
• Please listen to local media outlets for storm updates.


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Post ID 93


On January 3rd the Officers and Members of the Cresskill Fire Department kicked off RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) Shirt Friday. Members on and off Duty will be wearing red shirts every Friday to show support for our troops and recognize their sacrifices for this great nation.

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